Athens Stock Exchange and It’s European Positioning

Gwen Catherine

Before 2007, the ATHEX was located in Psiris, Sofocleous Street, nearly on the city of Athens. Because of this, the stock exchange and Sofocleous Street became recognised as one. Now it’s 110 Athinon Street also called Kavalas St. A stock exchange doesn’t possess shares. Instead, it joins buyers to sellers. […]

Stock Market Astrology

Gwen Catherine

W D Gann was one of the greatest traders of all time and he used astro charts in trading. He made more than 50 millions dollars from the stock market. His theory was based on Cycles that history repeats itself. He asserted that stock market movements are cyclical and that […]

How Enterprise Low Code Application Development Platforms Help Business Productivity?

Process improvement solutions, low-code application development, and tools for software creation are all included under the general term “low-code development.” IT users can construct building blocks from low-code development solutions to create processes and applications. The code supporting actions and commands is abstracted away by these building blocks. They are […]

Local SEO Services to Promote Your Local Business

Gwen Catherine

For the past few months, I was struggling to get my restaurant business in Denver, Colorado on the initial pages of Google Places, Yahoo Local and Bing. I finally found the perfect solution to all my difficulties – local SEO. I contacted a professional SEO company providing local SEO services. […]

The Importance of Export Documents in Trade

Gwen Catherine

Trade overseas needs the support of export documents. Operations with foreign countries are made very complex, the sellers must explain what they are selling and the buyers must know what they are buying. For that reason, we use the following export documents: Some of export documents are used for commercial […]

Business Funding Options

Gwen Catherine

Are you after funding for you new business venture? Maybe you even went on the television program Dragons Den but left without funding? If you have been on Dragons Den and were turned down funding you need to ask yourself why. What did the dragons tell you? You shouldn’t ignore […]