Celebrity Autographs and Sports Autographs – Collecting For Passion and Wealth

Gwen Catherine

Collecting items are a unique and exciting hobby. People all across the globe collect many things they are passionate about. The range of collecting is widespread. Items like stamps, coins, pottery, antiques, cars, posters, and bottles are just few of the popular items that people are passionate about.

Another exciting and unique hobby is collecting celebrity and sports autographs. This type of collecting usually signifies our love for certain athletes, movie stars, presidents, TV stars, musicians, business tycoons, or any other globally recognized figure. Not only does this type of collecting shed light on the people we adore, but also our personality. One can tell a lot about our tastes and likes by the things and people we collect. For example, a person who owns a Michael Jordan autographed basketball or a Kobe Bryant autographed shoe tell others that he/ she is a fan of basketball and specifically the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers. Another example would be someone who collects a Jennifer Aniston autographed photo. It’s probably safe to assume that that person has a collection of Jennifer Aniston movies and TV shows.

Of the most important things to consider when purchasing such memorabilia is the authenticity of the memorabilia. There are countless websites that sell autographed memorabilia. You can find sites like EBay and Amazon to brick and mortar stores like Wal-Mart and Target selling autographed items. There are also many independent websites that have their niche of products they sell. Some stores will sell autographed memorabilia pertaining only to sports autographs. Others will sell only autographs related to movies and TV stars. It really doesn’t matter where you buy from as long as you make sure the person or store you are purchasing from a reputable source. Sites like eBay will sell autographed memorabilia for a fraction of other stores, but you usually get what you pay for which means memorabilia that is not authentic or one that cannot back their claim as an authentic vendor. It’s always good to buy from a store that can offer an authentic guarantee and a money back promise.

Autographed collecting is a fun and exciting hobby. It can add personality to any room and also provide a great investment vehicle if you share your passions with similar people. There are countless things to collect and most people watch enough sports, TV, movies to be fans of multitudes of public figures out there. Have fun with this hobby, but you must definitely do your research to make sure you are getting a high quality product that ensures your memorabilia is signed by your favorite hero.

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