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ByGwen Catherine

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There’s no doubt that your new WordPress site is exciting and you want users to visit your website when you put a lot of effort into creating it from scratch. WordPress support and maintenance will assist in increasing traffic, technical aspects of your new website will not only assure that your time and energy are well spent but it will also raise awareness about your brand, build trust in your target audience, and as a result help them to improve your rankings on search engine results page. 

With this, you will also see improvements in your user engagement, conversion rates, and revenue. Above all, when you will get more traffic to your website, you will get a better insight into what your audience wants so that you can produce goods and services to meet their demands and also anticipate their needs. 

There are guidelines that you can follow for your new WordPress site to provide a seamless user experience and rich content. This article will cover all the useful guidelines and actionable tips that you should start implementing right away to maximize your efforts.

15 methods to drive more traffic to a new WordPress site

1. Create free resources

Creating free resources is something that is often overlooked. Here, you’ll be creating something and offering it to your users for free such as a free download button on your website by taking information from users such as their contact numbers or email address. 

This way you will also grow your email list faster when people will subscribe to you to get that freebie. With this method, you will also generate more traffic to your site as.

  • You’ll provide something valuable

The biggest key that you have to make sure of here is that your freebie provides something valuable that users would want to download and something worth paying for.  

  • Sharing it on different platforms

Once you put a freebie on your website, you should share the link on your different social media platforms or community websites that will bring more traffic to your site.

You should also reach out to other website owners or bloggers and request them to share your link on their websites. 

2. Provide free resources through guest posts

Writing guest posts on other websites is a method of creating links and driving traffic to your websites. The best way to use this method is to combine the first method of providing a free resource in the guest blog post. It will also allow you to promote your free resource and send visitors to your blogs or website. 

3. Interview people for your blogs

When you create a new WordPress site or blogging site, you would want someone to promote your site. If you reach out to influential people to promote the content on your site, then you will get more traffic and new readers.

 One of the most effective methods to promote your blog content is to feature those people in your content by interviewing them. All you need to do is to reach out to those influential people who are in your niche through emails and ask them if they are open to being interviewed for your blog if they agree, then mail them a few questions and take their responses to create your blog post.

4. Publish expert roundups

An expert roundup is a type of blog post that includes responses or quotes from different people who are of your niche. For this, you might have to ask the same questions to at least 20 people and then share their responses on your blog post and a link back to your site. 

In terms of leveraging others’ audiences, this comes into play after your post is being published. If you feature people for an expert roundup, then they would also happily share the link to your post on their social profiles. When different people share your post with their audience, you will get exceptional exposure and new traffic to your site.

5. Post on Reddit

If you want to get a quick spike in your traffic, then Reddit is a platform for you. This site includes thousands of subreddits that are individual communities that discuss a particular topic and are and are niche communities. 

First, you need to find subreddits that write topics on your industry and then join them. It is also important to carefully read their rules so that you may not be banned. Your main focus is to find those subreddits that allow people to share links to websites and blogs.

 This also helps you to build social networking so that you become a part of a new community.

6. Link out to other bloggers

Inbound links to your website will drive more click-through traffic and improve your search engine rankings. Providing links to others brings new opportunities to get people to share your content. Here’s the summary of the process.

  • Include links to other bloggers in each post that you publish
  • Reach out to bloggers through email and mention that you appreciate their blogs and articles they wrote and that you have also linked to them.
  • Don’t link to the same bloggers every time.
  • After sharing their post, tag them through your social profiles.

This process will help you to reach out to new bloggers and double your traffic. 

7. Publish list posts

List posts blogs or articles can be written in any niche when you create a new WordPress site. People love reading list posts and all you have to do is to find the topics that will interest readers. 
Your blog should always stand out with a stronger headline than others and for this, you can use the tool CoSchedule’s headline analyzer to get more help. Numbers should be included in every point on your blog as it is very effective to generate curiosity and grab users’ attention.

8. Use the keyword golden ratio

When you create a new WordPress site, you should start building traffic to your site or blogs using Golden Keyword Ratio. 

A simple approach that you can use to promote your website is to find and use low competition keywords that will help you to rank your content quickly. Here’s the process.

  • The keyword that you choose should have a search volume of fewer than 250 searches per month.
  • Find the number of Google search results that include all the words in the title and then divide it by the monthly search volume.
  • If it comes out to be less than 0.25, then it meets the KGR criteria and then you can use that keyword in your content..

9. Answer questions In your content

Another way to promote your new WordPress site is to write blogs or content that answers specific questions such as writing an article to answer just one question, answering different questions in one blog, or putting an FAQ on your website. Answer the public is a great resource tool that you can use to find questions that you can answer in your content.

10. Answer questions on other websites

You can also answer questions on other websites such as Quora which is incredibly popular as it is specifically made for questions and answers. You can search for questions to write answers to or find relatable questions to write a blog post on it. This platform is a great way to provide links to your blog posts.

11. Master one social media platform

One of the most popular methods to promote your website is to use social media platforms. Being active on different social media platforms is the most common mistake new WordPress site owners do but you just have to focus on only one social media platform and share your content and links on it. 

There are different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, etc which you can use accordingly.

 12. Optimize for search engine

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a major role in your new WordPress site ranking on Google. It is the foundation for future traffic. 

It includes on-page optimization, off-page optimization, writing unique website content by using properly targeted keywords, working according to user’s search intent, paying attention to word count, including internal links to your website pages, and overall optimization of your website.

13. Syndicate your content on Medium

You must be familiar with Medium. It is a platform that allows users to publish their content. But do you know that you can also syndicate or republish your blog content on Medium?

For this, first, you need to log in to Medium, then go to stories and then import a story. From here you can import the URL of your article and then it will be imported to Medium.

It is a great platform to promote your website and your blogs will be read by hundreds and thousands of people out there.

14. Run Facebook Ads

If you want to get traffic immediately to your blog, then you can use your little amount of budget and run a Facebook ad. You don’t necessarily have to sell anything from your Facebook ad but you can simply just promote your blog through it and get good exposure from your target audience and build your own social networking. 

15. Host a giveaway

Contests or giveaways are a great method to get exposure to a new WordPress site. For this, you can use the tool RafflePress to organize your giveaway. You can also share this with your social profiles or post it on websites that feature giveaways and contests. 


Building traffic to a new WordPress site is definitely challenging but there are plenty of options that you can use to bring more traffic to your website. 

By using guidelines and tips from this article, you will definitely see results in your new site and blogs within a few months. You can also try and test all these tactics and choose the most favorable one to drive more traffic to your website as it will improve your search result ranking. 


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