How to Determine a Domain Name Owner?  

Gwen Catherine

Finding a domain owner is often driven by the desire to purchase the domain, particularly in the case of .nz Domain Names. But that’s not the only motive. 

In cases where a website claims to be associated with a reputable company but raises suspicions, determining its ownership can also help verify its legitimacy. This is particularly important when considering Domain Hosting.

Similarly, suppose a website needs contact information on its homepage or a designated contact page. In that case, visitors may seek to find its owners to ask questions about the site’s products or services or to report technical issues.

If you wish to discover the owner of a website, numerous online resources are available to assist you.

Top 3 Methods to Find a Domain Name Owner 

Method 1: Visit the ICANN Website 

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is an authority responsible for domain name registrations. 

When you purchase a domain, the registration process requires you to provide your name, mailing address, phone number, and email address.

The good news is all this data is made accessible to the public. Go through the steps outlined below to find the details of a domain name owner. 

  1. Visit the official website of ICANN.
  2. Type the specific domain name in the search box that says “Enter a value.”
  3. Click Lookup and discover the owner’s identity along with other relevant details you may need.

Method 2: Make Use of a Registrar’s Tool 

Many Web Hosting providers or domain registrars offer a WHOIS Lookup tool to retrieve domain name information. 

The information includes the details about the registrant, administrative contact, billing contact, technical contact, domain expiration date, and original registration date.

To retrieve the owner information of a domain name from a registrar, you can easily follow a few straightforward steps using the internet:

  1. Visit this web page of a Web Hosting Provider that offers the WHOIS lookup tool. 
  2. Enter the website’s exact web address or complete domain name for which you need information.
  3. With just a click or two (possibly completing a robot verification), you will be presented with the complete registrant details.

Method 3: Visit the Website Itself

Surprisingly, some of us overlook that most information required to contact a domain owner is often available on the website’s “about” page. 

Certain websites provide a contact form that lets you communicate directly with the owner.

Once you enter a domain name on a search engine and are directed to a legitimate website, look at the navigation bar or the footer for a “Contact Us” page.

You will typically find either the website owner’s contact information or a contact form.


Many domain name registrars offer a privacy service that keeps your contact information confidential. In such cases, the domain owner’s name will not be displayed on the website.

To create a website, you must buy a domain name, securing its URL for a specific period. This registration process adds them to the domain name registry.

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