Planning A Home Solar Electric System

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Planning a Home Solar Electric System | Department of Energy

Are you planning to shift to solar power as your source of energy? Then start planning a home solar electric system by considering some factors before finalizing your installation. Residential solar energy systems in Shreveport  can help you power up your homes with solar power. 

What To Know Before Installing Solar Panels?

Estimate Your Solar Electricity Needs

Before getting a solar panel installation, it would be wise of you to investigate your home’s energy needs. Measuring how much energy is needed to keep your home appliances and lighting functions will let you determine how many solar panels are needed and the structures that are needed to support them. Upgrades can also be done even before getting solar panel installation, such as   light bulbs to LED bulbs or changing your appliances to high – energy efficient ones. 

Solar Potential in your Area Should be Assess

Check if your area is capable of collecting enough solar energy. Mapping services and tools can be used in order to know if your area is a good place to have solar panel installation or, for best results, you can ask your solar provider to inspect the area since they know better. Some factors that should also be considered  will include the presence of trees that can block the solar panels, the age of your roof and its durability and homeowners association restrictions if there are any. This can help you decide if you can maximize the use of your future solar panel. 

Check on Financial Options 

Solar panels are a form of investment because they are expensive. That’s why there are several options for purchasing them by cash, card or loan. Some solar providers also recommend financing companies where you can get a loan to purchase your solar panel system. Get familiar with the incentives you get for every option. For instance, by paying cash you can get a 26% federal tax credit. Some solar providers also offer discounts or incentives, You can ask them.  

Choose the Right Solar Company

Getting to know the solar providers near your neighborhood will be a good way to canvass which one can offer you the best. Use the power of technology to research their backgrounds and, more importantly, their client’s feedback. Knowing how they address their clients can be a good way to rate their customer’s service. Getting quotations from several solar companies can also be a good way to compare their offers. 

Check out the Company’s Licenses

Licenses are proof that the solar provider you are dealing with are experts and are capable of giving you a satisfactory service. Dealing with a company you can trust is important since you will be connected with them for 25 years or as long as your solar panel system is standing. Solar providers should be able to provide all the services you will need in that way it will be convenient for you. Getting solar technicians who are experts can make your solar panel get installed properly.  Proper installation can make your solar panel last longer. 

Can A House Run On Solar Power Alone?

It is possible as long as the energy produced by your solar panels is equal to the energy your household needs. The solar panel system comes with a battery where excess solar panels are collected during the daytime and can be used during the nighttime. Which means a solar panel can be enough to support the needs of your household for 24 hours.  Clients have the option to connect their solar panel system to the grid for net metering or solely use solar panel systems. Both have their own advantages. For instance, net metering can be helpful if your solar power is not enough to support your needs. Then you have the grid as your back-up or if you have excess power from your solar panel, then you can get a credit from it. 

Planning a home solar electric system before getting that solar panel installed is a wise move. Consider the things necessary and determine if investing in a solar panel system is worth it. Shifting to solar power is a good thing, but being familiar with it is also a need before getting one.

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