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Pompeii3 1 1/2ct 3-stone Diamond Engagement Ring 14k White Gold : Target

Engagement rings are not just rings, but they symbolize something for every couple who want to settle down. Couples who want an extraordinary engagement ring will choose something different from the common ones. Choosing the perfect engagement ring is challenging. You have to decide on what center stone , what settings to use in designing it, what metals will be perfect for it and many other factors. But since it is for your special someone, men don’t tend to settle for less until they get the perfect one for their partner. 3 Stone Diamond Engagement Ring can be an ideal choice and here are some details about it. 

What is the Meaning of the 3 Stone Diamond Engagement Ring?

Each  three stones on the ring has meaning. The first one can refer to your past moments with your partner, the center means your present life now and the third one  represents the life you will have with her in the future. This is what makes the three stone engagement ring special. It also represents the three holy trinity, i f you relate it to your relationship opting for the 3 stone ring can make your relationship be more blessed. 3 Stone engagement ring meaning makes it special and unique. 

What Are the Popular Three Stone Engagement Ring Settings?

3 Stone Diamond Ring Princess Cut

Three Stone Engagement Ring Princess Cut is a good option since the princess cut is unique and can make you ring to emphasize that it is indeed special and unique. You can use three princess-cut diamonds on your ring, you can opt to make them all in the same size or you can make the center stone bigger. 

Customized Designs 

The good thing about a three stone engagement ring is that you can customize the center stone into any shape and any size of stone you wish to have. You can work it with your jeweler on what’s the best size or you can base it on your budget. Make sure that the quality of your diamond is good, here are some tips:

  • Color 

For the color you can choose from Grade D to I since this is the colorless and nearly colorless ones. You can choose 2 different grades, one  for the center stone and one shade for the two side stones. Using color grades that are one grade apart will be a good choice to avoid color contrast. 

  • Clarity 

For the clarity, it doesn’t actually matter as long as the diamond use is inclusion free to the naked eye. Clarity grade one grade apart will also be best. Mismatching clarity grades can ruin the looks of the ring , so choose clarity grades that are close to each other. 

What Wedding Band Goes With A 3 Stone Engagement Ring?

3 stone diamond ring settings can be convenient since you just have to choose almost the same designs for your engagement ring and wedding band ring.This means you don’t have to make double effort to design your partner’s engagement ring and your  wedding band rings. Of course there will be modifications on the rings for men and women but it will be matched with the designs of the three stone diamond. 

Where Can I Buy a Quality Three Stone Engagement Ring?

Choose a store that is willing to assist you in customizing your ring. Select a skilled jeweler to do  the cutting of your stones so you can preserve its durability. A stone that is properly cut will have lesser possibilities to chip or crack. Find someone whom you can trust when it comes to creating your engagement ring. Your jeweler will serve as your partner in making your engagement ring come to life, discuss with them about the details and features you want. 

A 3 stone diamond engagement ring can be perfect for women who want an extraordinary engagement ring. Personalizing a 3 stone diamond engagement ring can make it more special but still retains the symbol of it. Make your engagement ring so lovable that your partner can’t resist saying yes several times. Let her feel you value your past, present and future together. Make that engagement ring shine its symbol to let her know how much you value your relationship and you want to take it to the next level. 

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