Stock Exchange Guide – Everything You Need to Know

Young people are becoming more ambitious nowadays. With the onset of new technology and higher living standards, the younger generation is now also thinking about investing in the stock exchange market. Likewise, older men are venturing into stock exchange as preparation for retirement.

What is the stock exchange?

The exchange is where stocks and securities are being traded among traders and stock brokers. There used to be a specific location where investment records are kept and trade was done. However nowadays, trade can already be done through electronic technology which saves more time and fees for transactions.

Unlike common markets where money and commodities are exchanged, the exchange includes other fiscal products and security deals like company shares, fiscal bonds, unit trusts, stocks, contracts and derivatives to name some.

What is the stock exchange procedure?

Before any stock or security can be traded, it has to be listed in the index first. After that, a new stock or security will be issued in the primary market. The system used to sell new issues is called underwriting and the selling of the new issues is called as the Initial Public Offering (IPO).

All new issues go through initial selling in the primary market. After which it goes to the secondary market. Buying and selling of stocks and other financial products happens in the secondary market.

What are the advantages of stock exchange?

The stock exchange is more vital to the businessmen owning companies and corporations. Opening a company for public investment allows more capital to go in the company in order to allow expansions and other improvements. Expansions could go from new products, put up branches in more locations or venture into other line of business that might widen the range of business. When business become profitable stock investors may be able to earn from capital gains, how much still depends on stock prices and dividends.

Stock exchange is also advantageous to small investors as they could invest in already big companies. Small investors can start with as little as they can and eventually, with more expertise in trade, go up the ladder to becoming a huge investor in big corporations.

How to get listed in the exchange?

Stock exchanges have different listing requirements. There must be a minimum number and cost of shares. Capital and/or company’s profit for a certain number of years is also required. An example is for the New York Stock Exchange: A company must issue a million shares of stock worth $100 million at least and must have a profit of more than $10 million for the last three years.

How to manage investments?

Managing investments is not an easy job. Thorough research on the movement of market trends should be done. Buying and selling strategies are also employed as well as timing is crucial. There is no one way to manage investments in the stock exchange. It will largely depend on several types of accounts and personal goals. It is recommended to ask for advice from stock brokers especially those who are quite beginners in investing. Not to say that experts do not need advice. It is vital to understand that wise decision-making is needed in investments in order to gain more profit than losses.

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