Top 10 Reasons to Write a Top 10 Reasons Article

Gwen Catherine

Want to make sure to get a lot of traffic? Then I recommend to write a “Top 10 reasons” or “Top 10 tips” article. Top 10 articles are on the rise, and there are some good reasons to jump on the bandwagon as they usually get a lot of readers and hence generate a lot of traffic. So here they are, the Top 10 reasons to write a Top 10 reasons article!

1. Top 10 articles are popular, they can increase your traffic and income. That might already be the ultimate reason for writing such an article, as you wish to become incredibly rich, don’t you? But why are they so attractive for potential readers, and how hard is it to write a Top 10 article that will catch the attention of the masses?

2. “Top 10” is catchy. In a list of titles the or on search engine results pages the “Top 10” article will instantly catch your attention. It seems that “Top 10” looks somewhat interesting to our brain – maybe it’s because we associate “Top 10” with positive emotions, after all we have been trained to love top ten charts when we were teenagers.

3. They’re hard to resist. Once a reader clicked on the article link he/she will most likely at least read the first paragraph or the first (eventually bold) sentence of each paragraph. Top 10 articles look interesting, we expect a lot of information from them and we surely don’t want to miss something that could be important to us.

4. Top 10 articles are easy to digest. They are well structured, readers can quickly fly over the article and focus on paragraphs that seem to be interesting for them. Top 10 articles can be read faster than ordinary articles, without decreasing the level of information that’s captured.

5. They are informative. It’s not only easier to read them, it’s also easier to memorize their essence. This has to do with the fact that the human brain is only capable of keeping about 6 or 7 elements simultaneously in short time memory, and each dispensable sentence will reduce the amount of information the reader can memorize. That’s why people like them – after reading them it’s still possible to remember the most important facts.

6. You can write a Top 10 article about almost anything. It’s often hard to find a good subject that will allow to write a great article, but simply writing a Top 10 article may help you out of the mess. The sequential nature of a Top 10 article helps us to structure your ideas and to keep a high information level ’till the end.

7. Enough, but not too much. Writing a Top 10 article may also help to hit the right article length and the required information density to make it really interesting for your readers, without losing focus and strength at the end of the article.

8. Easy text construction. A good Top 10 article might be easier to write than an ordinary article. Just write down your 10 reasons and then construct two or three good sentences for each one of them, add a short introduction and you’re done!

9. High keyword density and good search engine results. Because of the structured content Top 10 articles often have a high keyword density, which can result in better search engine rankings and can end up in even more traffic and income. This is because many sentences with tons of useless words that would generally lead from one paragraph to another can be left aside.

10. You never have to worry about the tenth reason, because you can write almost anything here. Yes, it’s true, and this article finally proves it!

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