Why Short Articles Are Very Effective For Your Business

Gwen Catherine

As many writers are college and even graduate school educated, they are used to writing long and verbose papers with lots of detail. Thus, there are some writers who may dread the idea of writing a short article because they feel that all the points that they want to convey will not be written in an article. But short articles are a lot more powerful than people realize and can be very helpful to the business.

#1: It Gives The Writer An Opportunity To Place The Focus Of The Article On A Specific Subpoint

If you’ve written lots of articles, you’ve probably put a bullet list of points for each article. The beauty of short articles is that you can focus an article on a specific subpoint. For example, if you are writing about the qualities needed to be a successful small business owner, you can devote each article to each of the qualities which will prove of great use to the small business owner. The important thing to understand is that your audience will be able to learn about and understand each point in detail. Each point will now have its individual moment in the spotlight.

#2: The Writer Has To Focus On The Points That Matter The Most

Have you read through a long article only to find it tedious or full of information that you find irrelevant? It’s a major headache for the audience and they do not process the information as well as they should. When you write short articles, you are forced to pick out the information that you believe to be most relevant because you do not get many words to express your points. Short and simple sentences are often considered more powerful and effective because they get the point across and people process them easier. These sentences become more crucial when you only have so many words to express. Since your articles are written for your business, the reader may not have as much time to read your entire article, so it becomes that much more important to write short and simple sentences.

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