Top 10 Tips to Align Your Authentic Business With Your Passion And Purpose

Gwen Catherine

This week’s article is about how to align your authentic business with your passion and purpose. The truth is one of the biggest questions most enlightened entrepreneurs (Coaches, Authors, Speakers, Trainers, Leaders, and Experts) what I love to call, Enlightened C.A.S.T.L.E., have is whether or not their business fully expresses their true passion and unique purpose. For example, they often wonder: “Is this the work I was born to do?” Or “Is this REALLY what I’m here to be doing?” Or even “Is this business what I was meant to create?”

From my own experience, when you create a thriving business around your authenticity, passion and purpose, you not only do what you love and you love what you do, you also make a GREATER positive impact and income – all while transforming your life and the lives of those you touch. You also feel like your mind is ENLIGHTENED, your heart is EMPOWERED and your soul is INSPIRED to fulfill what you are DIVINELY destined to fulfill and then become who dream of being – the best version of your authentic self. (That’s exactly the way I feel now!)

So how do you do that and experience the same enlightening feelings? In this week’s article I want to share with you my top 10 tips to align your authentic business with your passion and purpose so you too can experience both spiritual fulfillment and financial success in your business.

Top 10 Tips to Align Your Authentic Business With Your Passion and Purpose

1. Apply the Law of G.A.D.I. (Go And Do It!) – without struggle, INSTEAD with integrity, grace and ease.

When you GO AND DO IT with integrity, grace and ease, you know you are authentically aligning your passion and purpose with your business because your creativity, focus and productivity flow. Magnificent material, what I call “divine downloads,” literally pours out of you. And your commitment to making quicker decisions, asking better questions and taking inspired, authentic action (what feels true, genuine to you!) doesn’t feel like a challenge any more.

2. Attract Your Authentic Audience – ideal clients who want to hire you to help them succeed in what you are thriving.

When you attract your authentic audience – your ideal clients – look at you as their role model, trusted authority, and you become a positive example for your community because you are someone special for them (like an inspired leader) and they want to hire you to teach them exactly the same steps you went through to thrive and certainly create your results too.

3. Make Money Doing What You Love – even though you are not always focused on it.

Now I’m a BIG believer in focusing on merging money and meaning, turning your passion into profits and prosper from your purpose because that’s how you turn your inner wisdom into your outer wealth and develop a healthy relationship with money. So, the more your head, heart, hands and hope (thoughts, emotions, behaviours and beliefs) are in holistic harmony with transforming your passion and purpose into prosperity and profitability, the less you feel frustrated, struggle or worry about money.

Basically, the doors of opportunities and windows of possibilities start opening up to more and more people wanting to collaborate, contribute and promote your work. That alone generates either more potential clients or more cash flow in your authentic business. The transformational truth here is the more you align your passion and purpose with your authentic business, the more money-magnet you become.

4. Let Your Mind Be Enlightened, Your Heart Be Empowered and Your Soul Be Inspired with BEST Practices, PROVEN Models and VALUABLE Resources. (What you feel is true, right and authentic to you!)

This is a BIG blessing, but it could be a curse too. In fact, I often drive myself and my husband (also my business partner!) crazy because I wake up every morning feeling enlightened, empowered and inspired to implement all these “Success Secrets, Spiritual Principles and Universal Laws” which make me feel so excited, passionate and purposeful.” That’s true (no kidding here).

When you know, feel and trust what you are doing is aligned with your passion-and-purpose-based business, you feel ALIVE, CENTERED and CONNECTED. Therefore, you continue to see more and more practical ways to grow and expand your BIG vision, BIG mission and BIG message. It’s like you become an idea factory that is constantly producing new insights to align, expand and succeed. To a certain degree, you can’t and you don’t want to turn it off.

5. Turn Your F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) Into FAITH – be comfortable with the “uncomfortable” feelings that arise as you move forward.

Turn your FEAR into FAITH, and make it more important for you to move through your obstacles, challenges and concerns quickly than it is to dwell on them, complain about them, or wish they were easier. You must simply deal with that specific situation AND trust the Universe, Source, the Divine, Energy, God, Mother Nature, whatever you may call your FAITH is (use your intuition, gut feeling here!) and know that you are being DIVINELY guided and that all those uncomfortable feelings (False Evidence Appearing Real) would slow you down or keep you stuck.

6. Hone In Your Skills, Talents and Natural abilities – and get better and better until you master your craft.

The transformational truth is that there is no overnight success. Nobody ever uncover their “God-given” gifts, passion and purpose overnight. So be sure to take your time to discover your authentic voice, true passion and unique purpose and continue making progress until you master your craft so your authentic business fully expresses who you TRULY are. For example, whenever you get a glimpse, hone it and then you keep going, keep practicing, and keep showing up. Over time, little by little, slowly but steady, you notice yourself becoming the best next version of your authentic you. It’s PROGRESS, not perfection that really counts as evidence to you and to others.

7. Become Healthier and More Vibrant – and know that your energy will help you be a better leader and more powerful creator.

Eat healthier, take long, deep breaths, sleep better, exercise more (at least move your body often) and most important, live life like you mean it. It all contributes to a more ENLIGHTENED way of being, doing and having. Everything counts. So don’t waste your time, effort or energy. On the opposite, make it a TOP priority to keep your mind, body, and energy levels at their highest state. Because the reason why you are here in this world (your BIG vision, BIG mission, BIG message) is too much important to do anything but show up at your best, fullest potential.

8. Feel GRATITUDE and Be PROUD of What You Create – You Deserve It.

You definitely align your authentic business with your passion and purpose when you feel grateful and are proud of the positive impact you are creating in the world. Because when you do so, you create A LOT of new, different, FRESH ideas. So know you do deserve it and be unafraid to experiment, test and try out new things. And whether it does work or not, feel grateful for the INSPIRATION and be PROUD of what you create.

9. Believe In The BIG Ripple Effect – transform yourself, transform others and trust that other people are positively impacted by the people you transformed with your work.

In other words, trust the process, transform and thrive, all while helping others on the way. When you do so, you create a community (your transformational tribe) where people become your SUPER students, BEST buyers and RAVING fans (they “LIKE” you on Facebook, follow you on Twitter, Circle you on Google +, subscribe to your YouTube channel, refer your services to others, share your work, and more!). A BIG ripple effect happens each time people stop by to tell you what a difference you’ve made in their lives and in the lives of their loved ones or the people they touch. And above and beyond all that, you know that what you’re doing is not only aligned with your AUTHENTICITY, PASSION and PURPOSE, but also providing an incredibly valuable contribution to the world.

10. Last but definitely not least, Awaken To Your True Power – Let Your Inner Guidance – Higher Power (that SOUL CALLING that’s telling you to keep going not matter what) – Shine Through Your Authentic Business.

As I’ve mentioned before, aligning your authentic business with your passion and purpose, in other words, answering your deeper calling by creating a thriving business you love is not something that happens overnight. In fact, I’ve been working on it since I had my deepest wake-up call and started my own “soul searching” journey in 2008, because it isn’t really “a thing” but more like an ENLIGHTENED EXPERIENCE that happens where you can feel it mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and energetically.

Your Authentic Business Success In Action

Start sharing your passion (whatever it is you LOVE to share), living your purpose (whatever it is you feel INSPIRED to be) and creating a thriving business doing your “labor of love” – the work you were born to do. Above all, listen to your authentic voice (your intuition, gut feeling!) and transform it into something special for you, for your life, for your ideal clients, for the world.

Your outer world may not yet reflect the magnificence of your inner vision, but that doesn’t mean it’s not right. It takes time to align your authentic business with your passion and purpose. So, keep on listening to your inner wisdom, inner guidance, inner compass above all else to tell you if you’re moving in the right direction. I’ll say it again: align your authentic business with your passion and purpose is more of an enlightened experience than an outcome. (It’s the JOYful JOURNEY, not the destination that really matters!)

I hope you enjoyed this week’s article and had several “AHA” moments and breakthroughs that will help you become more aware of all this ENLIGHTENED energy. May it empower you to keep moving in the right direction. And please share this article with your friends or other people you feel like can appreciate the value of it – let’s help more people share their PASSION, live their PURPOSE and create a THRIVING business doing what they LOVE!

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